Principal's Notes - April 2020

Greetings from my home office this month, just a few blocks down the street from my official office at GBR! There are a few items I want to share with you as we start to peel away the weeks left until the official end of the year on May 22. Our learners and teachers have done some amazing, stupendous, impressive, and inspiring work over the last few weeks, and as we all get better and better at eLearning, we’re really finding out groove. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold! There are two housekeeping items though that I need to share with you.

First, in the past, GBR has done it’s best to honor parent requests for classroom teachers. We are going to continue to honor that tradition to the best of our ability going forward. The easiest way to track your request during school closure is to email me directly at and use the subject line “Parent Request.” This way I can continue to monitor both your requests and balanced classroom rosters in order to do what is best for kids. In the email please state your student(s) name(s), what grade they will be attending in the Fall of 2020, and the requested teacher’s name. You may also use that same email should you have any questions before you request.

Second, please remember that there are meals available for both breakfast and lunch daily here at GBR. Our food service staff is delighted at the turn out thus far! The only requirement is appearing at the front door of the school between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM and our staff will serve meals to anyone under the age of 18. Hopefully, this helps alleviate some stress in your household, and provides some great meals for kids!

Lastly, if there is anything I or our staff can help you with during our current school closure please do not hesitate to reach out. Again, the above email can be used to contact me directly. Although I do indeed look forward to seeing what our learners create over the next few weeks, I cannot wait to have everyone back in the building again. I know I speak for the entirety of the staff at GBR when I saywe miss them dearly. Please stay safe, and keep motivating our learners to create, read, learn, play, and all of the other things they are great at.

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